Story time: my LV scarf

Do you know the ‘green scarf’ scene from the movie Confessions Of A Shopaholic? Well if you don’t you should check it out to understand the post. Ok my purchase wasn’t that dramatic. I didn’t need to buy 97 hot dogs to have enough cash back. It was the feeling of the scene that I could recognize. The scarfs in the store started talking to me. They told me how elegant I would feel and how nice they would look on my skin. I couldn’t leave the store without one, although the reason I went there was to buy a nice coffee table book. But hey, I was in Paris (March) and would leave the next day. Can’t go home without a souvenir right? I even send a text message to a friend (Shaneequa you’re the best) to make sure that I wasn’t crazy.

I know that there are many people that own a scarf like this. But for me it was special! I had never spent so much money on such an item. So there I was, sitting in McDonald’s eating a McChicken with my orange bags next to me. Yes bags! Because I also bought the coffee table book about Paris Fashion #sorrynotsorry.

This scarf is very fragile so I have to be careful with it. That’s what makes it extra special. Unlike other cheap items I will never forget that I have this LV scarf in my closet.


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