Purple rain coat

It’s been a grey and rainy summer so far in the Netherlands. If you have paid attention to my Instagram feed you have seen that my feed isn’t summery at all. So that’s why I have tried to add more colors and fun items to my wardrobe. The base of this look is a long black blouse from &otherstories. This blouse is so soft and light! It also had pockets on the side and if you look closer you can see a subtle pattern. Love it when a basic item turns out not to be that basic when wearing it. It’s all about the details! (this blouse is now on sale) The other items can speak for them selfs. This little round bag¬†and purple rain coat are just amazing! If you are on a budget but still want to look fierce have a look at Monki, they have really nice sunnies in their collection. I have bought two more so stay tuned!


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