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coach card holder

For months I was searching for the perfect cardholder and now I finally found one in sale. I’m a girl that loves to stuff as many as possible things in her bags. So if I could put my cards in something small, it means that I can bring more things with me (LOL)! I used to have a wallet that almost didn’t fit in my smaller bags or took too much space in bigger ones. When I got tired of my wallet I sometimes just put my cards lose in my bag. But the moment I couldn’t find my card to pay at the register and caused a long queue I thought it was enough and decided to buy this beautiful cardholder from coach. It fits two cards on each side which is more than enough for me. I usually don’t have cash on me (I can be a bit clumsy and don’t wanna lose my money) so it’s not a problem that there is almost no place for it. I’m really in love with this simple and timeless leather piece.

Where do you put your cards/money in?

Card case: Coach